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I Help Real Estate Agents Reshape Their Future.


The average realtor only closes 12 deals a year vs. 60 deals for top agents.

A lot of individuals who become realtors expect immediate results and quit.

The average income for a Realtor is 75k/yr vs. 300k for top agents.




Rick Dhillon, known as the ultimate negotiator, went from humble beginnings to one of Canada's Top producers and owes it all to the world of real estate. Now he teaches real estate agents how to excel in creating financial freedom.

You are not just a person that sells property. You are an entrepreneur that is wearing many different hats to create a thriving business. They say that 10% of agents do 90% of the business, is it because the other 90% are incapable? I say NO. Over the past 16 years of experience in this industry, I can attest to the fact that it is the brokerage that fails the realtor. Growth and success in anything requires:

1) Support

2) The right systems 

3) Top of the line tools

4) Coaching & mentorship.

The problem is that sometimes the brokerages we join fall short of offering this and realtors are left in the dark. This is where I want to offer solutions and help you lead.

White Walls


  • Congratulations! You just got your license and are now probably ready to grind. But wait...where do you start?

  • I will help you on the first few steps and what you need to know (that others might not tell you) to get you started

  • We'll hop on a 30 minute discovery to figure out what you need and go from there!

  • You already have your real estate license, and you're doing OK, but you know deep down inside you could be doing even better. You want to talk to someone, but don't know where to look. This is where I can help.

  • We can hop on a 30 minute discovery call to figure out what you need and go from there!

  • You are a seasoned Realtor and are raking those commission cheques in, but you would like to know how to take your finances to the next level. You want passive income where you work less and make more.

  • I've been there and done that, and now doing it. Let's talk!



  • Platinum Award

  • Red Diamond Award

  • Centurion Award

  • Hall of Fame Award

  • Diamond Award

  • Top Sales Volume Award

  • Chairman Award

  • Top 1% agent in Toronto

  • Multi Million Dollar Property Portfolio

  • Mid Rise Condo Development project in both Toronto and North Vancouver.

  • The picture? I'm involved in a few charities, but most recently I got in the boxing ring to raise money to fight cancer.

Rick Dhillon is one of the fastest growing names in the industry of eXp Realty in Canada. He is the ultimate negotiator, a professional coach, a mentor, and a supportive companion. eXp Real Estate provides you with some of the most incredible opportunities combined with Rick Dhillon's supervision to become an outstanding realtor or broker in the GTA.
Lead With Rick is the largest Real estate coaching realtor  in Toronto and exp realty Toronto. Founded by real estate legend Rick Dhillon the realtor, the company provides a unique and highly effective lead generation system.
Rick Dhillon, Top real estate agents in Toronto Canada went from humble beginnings to a multi-millionaire and owes it all to the world of real estate. And now he wants to use what he has learned to help others do the same. His driving force today is giving back. “I love making people money”!!





"Just wanted to say how grateful I am to have Rick as my Coach and Mentor.  He is an amazing figurehead in the Real Estate Industry. He has "been there and done that" and what he teaches is a combination of theories and years of practice to perfection. I myself was a budding Real Estate Agent who initially struggled to get leads and close transactions. Since I've accepted Rick as my Coach and Mentor I have tripled my business! Not only that, he has shown me a way to earn Passive Income and now I have a chance to retire without anxiety! Thank you so very much Rick!"

Sunil Balgobin/ Realtor

"Rick is an amazing human being and great mentor.
If you have Rick as your mentor, then rest assured you are in
great hands. He actually wants everyone around him to succeed.
Truly blessed to have a great colleague like Rick".

Jameel Gill/ Realtor

“It is very rare to find a figure in the real estate industry let alone in life, who genuinely wants everyone around him to prosper. Rick excels in all facets of life and that is what makes him an exceptional leader and mentor. When I first came in to the real estate industry, I was overwhelmed, not knowing where to start and who to turn to. I came across Rick’s social media and from the offset loved his content and style of teaching. I learned more in one introductory session with Rick than I had in my first 6 months in real estate, and it was enough to convince me to join his team.”

Sunny Atwal/ Realtor



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